Is it Time to Call in the Professionals?

Nafziger Landscape Services, located in Greenville, SC, is passionate about lawn care and makinglawn care our customer’s dream landscapes come true. Sometimes people will opt for a more do-it-yourself approach to their lawns over hiring the professionals. So, why give us a call? There are many reasons to call in for reinforcements when it comes to your yard!

  • Time – From week to week it seems that we need to be in a hundred places at once. From work to the grocery store and exercising to running errands. If you have a family and kids, that is surely amplified many times over. The point is that often times squeezing yard work into that already mile-long list of things to do can be a challenge.
  • Knowledge – Quality lawn care is much more than mowing the lawn every so often, it requires attention to detail and often a fairly extensive knowledge of landscaping. Some turfs require a different type of care than others, and knowing seasonal issues and how to address them is imperative. It is much more intricate than someone might think.
  • Less Risk, More Care – Without the background our technicians have, an average homeowner can run into a slew of issues they may not be prepared to take on. From treating turf diseases to weed control, one misstep can lead to disaster.
  • Just Enjoy It – With all of these things taken care of for you, all that’s left to do is enjoy it! Sit back, enjoy your vibrant and rich turf and let us worry about the rest!
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